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ADHD Coaching vs. ADHD Counselling: Finding the Right Support for You 

Living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be a complex journey filled with daily challenges and at times, unexpected advantages. For those with ADHD, certain days may proceed smoothly, allowing strengths like creativity and hyperfocus to shine. However, there are also days that might feel overwhelming, marked by struggles with concentration, impulsivity, and managing […]

The Unseen Cloud: Navigating the Social and Emotional Labyrinth of Vaping Among Young People

Vaping has evolved from a purported “safer” alternative to smoking into a complex social and emotional landscape that young people are navigating daily. Far from being just a health concern, it has become a cultural touchstone, influencing social dynamics, emotional well-being, and even shaping identities. This intricate web extends from the allure of customizable devices […]