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Intellectual Giftedness Assessments In Surrey, BC

Intellectual Giftedness Assessments – age 6+

Intellectual giftedness assessments will assess whether your child meets the criteria of superior intellectual, thinking and reasoning abilities. It is important to note that giftedness is not a psychological diagnosis but rather a descriptive term. Psychologists, educators and school boards use this term to address the unique needs of these students and plan for enriched programming. This assessment will provide a better understanding and support of your child’s unique strengths and requirements to help them thrive academically and personally, assessing both intellectual abilities and academic achievement. Many gifted children are not universally superior in all areas of intellectual ability, and often have unique learning profiles composed of both strengths and weaknesses. Some gifted students may also meet criteria for learning disorders, if they have superior abilities in many areas, but average abilities in others. This assessment will determine whether your child may meet criteria for a designation of intellectual giftedness, and may also indicate whether a learning disorder could be present.

Intellectual giftedness assessments must be conducted in person.

Areas covered during the assessment will include:

  • Intelligence, thinking and reasoning abilities
  • Academic achievement abilities

The process of an intellectual giftedness assessment includes the following:

  • 1 hour clinical interview (in-person or virtual)
  • 4 hours psychological testing (in-person, two 2-hour sessions)
  • 30 min feedback session (in-person or virtual)

Fees: At Love This Therapy, we exclusively offer intellectual giftedness assessments at a reduced rate compared to a full psychoeducational assessment. The schedule listed above describes the standard intellectual giftedness assessment (with a corresponding base fee). Assessment of additional mental health disorders or neurodevelopmental disorders will require additional testing sessions, scoring and report writing, charged on top of the base fee. If you would like additional areas to be added to your intellectual giftedness assessment, your fee will be calculated by an hourly rate, covering testing for all of your individual queries. This will help keep your costs lower than seeking multiple different types of assessments.

The psychologist will discuss an individualized assessment plan with you in your first session, including estimated fees. For more immediate information on the base rate fees for intellectual giftedness assessments, please contact our clinic administrators at 604-229-4887.

For more information on intellectual giftedness from the Canadian Psychological Association:

For more information on gifted programs in the Surrey school board:

Gifted Program (

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