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ADHD And The Power Of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy A Guide To Hope And Healing

Is therapy helpful when it comes to managing ADHD? 

  • Is there evidence that CBT is an effective tool for managing ADHD? 
  • How does CBT improve symptoms of ADHD? 

You’re not alone in your quest for answers about how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) could be a good fit for managing ADHD.  

ADHD, characterized by challenges like inattention, impulsivity, and at times, hyperactivity, may seem overwhelming. Counselling can help manage some of these symptoms, as well as improving overall wellbeing and general mental health. This blog post aims to answer your questions about CBT and how it can be helpful for those with ADHD.  

Embracing ADHD 

ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder. It’s not a character flaw or a sign of laziness, but an integral part of one’s neurodiversity. Understanding this is the first step towards accepting and normalizing ADHD.  

The use of CBT in treating ADHD is gaining momentum. CBT is a form of talk therapy, but it doesn’t just help with managing ADHD symptoms; it also empowers individuals to lead more balanced lives. 

CBT’s Role in Managing ADHD 

CBT’s essence lies in the interconnection between our thoughts, feelings, and actions. By changing unhelpful thoughts, we can influence our feelings and behaviours positively. Here’s how CBT can help those with ADHD: 

  • Skill Enhancement: CBT is not just about talking; it’s about doing. Counsellors work with individuals to develop essential life skills, like time management and organization. 
  • Challenging Negative Thoughts: ADHD can often lead to negative self-perception. CBT helps in recognizing and challenging these harmful thought patterns, promoting better self-esteem and overall mood. 
  • Boosting Self-Control: Through CBT, individuals gain better self-awareness, helping them identify when they’re losing focus or becoming impulsive. This insight can lead to improved self-control, a crucial aspect of managing ADHD. 
  • Personalized Approach: Each person’s experience with ADHD is unique. CBT is highly adaptable, allowing counsellors to tailor strategies to everyone’s specific needs and challenges. 
  • Evidence-Backed Effectiveness: Research studies have repeatedly shown CBT’s efficacy in managing ADHD, providing assurance that this therapeutic approach is indeed successful. 

At Love This Therapy, we are a team of effective, well-trained and compassionate counsellors who understand that “the world breaks everyone, and afterward many are strong at the broken places” (Ernest Hemingway). We believe that brokenness is its own kind of beauty, and we are inspired by Kintsugi art, where broken pottery is mended with gold and made more beautiful. The process of loving repair makes the break valuable.  

Psychotherapy can guide us from feeling overwhelmed or broken, to recognizing that being broken open is the first step on the journey to allowing our vulnerability, courage, insight and connection to move us into our wholeness and health.  

We offer the gold-standard in CBT counselling services to adults, seniors, teens and children who may be suffering with ADHD.  

CBT is Here to Help 

Living with ADHD may feel like navigating a maze. But with CBT, this maze can become a path to empowerment. With its practical tools and techniques, CBT allows individuals to regain control over their lives, making ADHD a manageable part of their unique journey rather than an insurmountable hurdle. The importance of therapy in managing ADHD cannot be overstated. It provides a safe space for understanding, acceptance, and growth. 

Addressing Hesitations About Seeking Counselling for ADHD 

Starting counselling can be daunting. Questions and concerns might bubble up, like, “Will it be too expensive?” “What if I don’t have the time?” “Will I be judged?”  

It’s completely normal to have these hesitations. But remember, seeking help is an act of courage, and there are many flexible options available to fit your unique needs and circumstances. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from exploring the transformative power of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in your ADHD journey. 

Contact Us for a Free Discovery Call 

There’s no shame in admitting you’re struggling or in asking for help when it comes to your ADHD. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free Discovery Call, we are available by phone or email at 604-229-4887 or We are here for you. 

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