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Brief ADHD Assessments In Surrey, BC

Brief ADHD assessments – age 18+

Brief Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) assessments are offered to adult clients only, offering an expedited assessment that is exclusively focused on ADHD diagnosis. These brief assessments are composed of a clinical/diagnostic interview and data collected from self/observer report measures. There is no cognitive assessment of cognition, memory, attention or concentration in a brief ADHD assessment. Please note that many universities and colleges require a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment for ADHD to provide academic accommodations. For a brief ADHD assessment, you may receive a formal diagnosis of ADHD, or a suggestion for assessment in additional areas that may explain your symptoms (e.g., to explore the possibility of a mental health or other neurodevelopmental disorder).

Brief ADHD assessments can be conducted completely virtually or in-person, based on your own personal preference.

Areas covered during the assessment will include:

  • Clinical symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity during adulthood and childhood.

The process of a brief ADHD assessment includes the following:

  • 1 hour clinical/diagnostic interview (in-person or virtual)
  • 1.5 hour questionnaire scoring and interpretation, clinical formulation, and report writing
  • 30 min feedback session (in-person or virtual)

Fees: The schedule listed above describes the standard basic brief ADHD assessment (with a corresponding base fee). Assessment of additional mental health disorders will require additional testing sessions, scoring and report writing, charged on top of the base fee. If you would like additional mental health queries to be added to your brief ADHD assessment, your fee will be calculated by an hourly rate, covering testing for all of your individual concerns. This will help keep your costs lower than seeking multiple different types of assessments. Additional concerns about other neurodevelopmental disorders cannot be addressed in a brief ADHD assessment, and a full psychoeducational assessment will be needed instead.

The psychologist will discuss an individualized assessment plan with you in your first session, including estimated fees. For more immediate information on the base rate fees for brief ADHD assessments, please contact our clinic administrators at 604-229-4887.

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