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The Unseen Cloud: Navigating the Social and Emotional Labyrinth of Vaping Among Young People

Vaping has evolved from a purported “safer” alternative to smoking into a complex social and emotional landscape that young people are navigating daily. Far from being just a health concern, it has become a cultural touchstone, influencing social dynamics, emotional well-being, and even shaping identities. This intricate web extends from the allure of customizable devices […]

Parenting Coaching: A Valuable Support For Parents Of Children With ADHD

How can parent coaching help me better understand my child’s ADHD?  As a parent of a child with ADHD, you might be considering additional support. Counselling might seem like an intriguing option, but you could also have plenty of questions. “What strategies could a counsellor provide that would improve my child’s behavior and my own […]