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Unveiling the Power of Counselling for Your Child: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents


What signs should I look for to know if my child needs counselling? 

As a parent, it’s natural to have questions about starting your child in counselling. You might wonder, “At what age is it appropriate for my child to begin counselling?” You may even ask, “How can counselling benefit my child in the long run?” or “Will my child feel comfortable discussing their feelings with a stranger?” These questions are valid and reflect your concern as a loving parent. 

Children in Counselling 

There’s often a stigma attached to counselling that can make the idea seem daunting. But remember, just like adults, children also go through challenges that they may not fully understand or know how to deal with. Counselling, in these instances, acts as a supportive tool that helps children articulate their feelings and cope with difficulties in a healthy manner. It’s as important as visiting a doctor when your child has a physical ailment. 

The Benefits of Counselling for Children 

Counselling can equip your child with valuable skills to understand and manage their emotions better. It can help them navigate through life changes, deal with school stress, manage conflicts with friends, and much more. Counselling also encourages children to express themselves more clearly and boosts their self-confidence. It’s an investment in their mental well-being and resilience, preparing them for the ups and downs they may face growing up. 

At Love This Therapy, we are a team of effective, well-trained and compassionate counsellors who offer the gold-standard in counselling services to children who may benefit from talking with a professional.  

Contemplating Counselling for Your Child? 

If you’re considering therapy for your child, remember this: it’s a step forward, not backward. It shows your commitment to helping your child navigate through their challenges in the most effective way possible. There’s no ‘perfect’ time to start – the best time is when you feel your child may need that extra support. Therapy is a journey, and like all journeys, it begins with a single step. Trust your instincts, and know that by considering therapy, you’re already doing a great job as a parent. 

Understanding the Reservations about Putting Children in Counselling 

It’s completely normal to have reservations about starting your child in counselling. You might worry about your child feeling different or stigmatized. Or perhaps you’re concerned about the cost, time commitment, or the fear of ‘labeling’ your child. Remember, it’s okay to have these concerns. A good starting point is to have an open conversation with a professional counsellor who can give you a better understanding and address these concerns. 

In conclusion, counselling for your child is a positive and proactive step towards better mental health and emotional resilience. It’s okay to have questions and reservations – just remember, the aim is to provide your child with the best support system possible. Therapy is a powerful tool in this journey, and professional therapists are ready to guide you and your child through it. 

Contact Us for a Free Discovery Call 

There’s no shame in putting your child in counselling if you think it may benefit them. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free Discovery Call for your child, we are available by phone or email at 604-229-4887 or We are here for you. 

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