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Assessment Waitlist Sign Up In Surrey, BC

Click here to submit an intake form to our confidential platform and be added to our Assessment Waitlist

There is no cost to sign up, and no obligation to follow through with the assessment when your name comes up on the waitlist.

After submitting your electronic intake form, you or your child will be added to our official waitlist. The current expected wait time to start your assessment is approximately 4 months.

Waitlist Process

When your/ your child’s name comes up next on the waitlist, a psychologist will contact you by phone or email. A discovery call conversation will determine if you are still interested in an assessment, confirm which areas you would like to explore in the assessment, and any additional updates or concerns that may have come up since you submitted your intake form. This conversation is free of charge, and at this point you may indicate if you no longer wish to have the assessment. When your name comes up and you are contacted by the psychologist, you will then have seven days to decide whether you would like to accept or decline the assessment spot.

After this conversation to determine your or your child’s individual assessment needs, you will schedule your first appointment (clinical interview) with the psychologist. At the end of the first appointment, the psychologist will have a discussion with you about the expected amount of testing needed to address your assessment queries, as well as the estimated cost.

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